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4. Офис/Бизнес

Таблица 4. Windows-эквиваленты: Офис/Бизнес

Категории ПО Программы MS Windows Программы Linux
Аналоги Портежи
Офисный пакет MS Office, StarOffice / OpenOffice, 602Software OpenOffice koffice
Koffice openoffice
Текстовый процессор Word, StarOffice / OpenOffice Writer, 602Text, Abiword OpenOffice Writer openoffice
KWord kword
AbiWord abiword
Электронные таблицы Excel, StarOffice / OpenOffice Calc OpenOffice Calc openoffice
KSpread kspread
Gnumeric gnumeric

4.1. Chat

  1. amsn: alternative for MSN Messenger

  2. gaim: alternative for Aim, ICQ, IRC, Yahoo!, MSN, Jabber (Google Talk)

  3. irssi: (command line based) alternative for mIRC

  4. kopete: alternative for Aim, ICQ, IRC, Yahoo!, MSN, Jabber

  5. licq: alternative for ICQ

  6. psi: jabber client

  7. xchat: альтернатива mIRC

  8. KVIrc : альтернатива mIRC

  9. konversation: alternative for mIRC

  10. Skype: Skype has also version in Linux

  11. WengoPhone:Wengophone also has a Linux version and is open source

  12. SIM-IM: alternative for ICQ, Jabber, MSN, SMS, Yahoo!, AIM

4.2. File managers

  1. krusader: alternative for Total Commander

  2. GNOME Commander

4.3. FTP

  1. gFTP: alternative for FileZilla, SmartFTP

4.4. Graphics

  1. digiKam: alternative for the propriotary digital photo software bundled with your camera

  2. gimp: alternative for Adobe Photoshop

  3. Inkscape : alternative for Adobe Illustrator

  4. gqview: alternative for Irfanview

  5. gwenview : alternative for Irfanview

  6. kuickshow: alternative for Irfanview

4.5. Internet

  1. Konqueror: alternative for Internet Explorer

  2. Mozilla Firefox: there is no alternative!

  3. Seamonkey (previously called Mozilla): alternative for Internet Explorer

  4. Opera: free but proprietary alternative for Internet Explorer

4.6. Mail

  1. Evolution: alternative for Outlook

  2. Mozilla Thunderbird: alternative for Outlook Express

  3. Kontact / kmail: alternative for Outlook Express

4.7. Multimedia

  1. AmaroK: alternative for iTunes player/WMP

  2. XMMS: alternative for WinAMP http://komnas.com/~ashamril/tips/files/win-vs-lin-soft-EN.shtml

  3. beep-media-player: alternative for WinAMP

  1. kaffeine: alternative for Windows Media Player (also plays DVDs)

  2. MPlayer | gmplayer | kmplayer | kplayer: alternative for Windows Media Player

  3. Xine: alternative for Windows Media Player (also plays DVDs)

  4. vlc: alternative for Windows Media Player

  5. RealPlayer: runs natively on linux!

  6. Totem : alternative for WMP, Menusupport for DVDs

  1. LMMS : "Linux Music Maker Studio" Linux analog of "FL Studio" HomePage:http://www.lmms.sourceforge.net/

  2. Rosegarden : MIDI/Audio-sequencer HomePage:http://www.rosegardenmusic.com/

  3. Cheese-Tracker : one of the Trackers, use QT

4.8. Office

  1. OpenOffice.org: alternative for MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access, great support for MS formats

  2. KOffice : like above without MS format support. Includes more specialized apps than even the full MS Office Pro

  3. AbiWord : Only like MS Word. Decent MS Format support. Includes grammar check

  4. StarOffice: commercial version of OpenOffice.org, includes extras (grammar check)

  5. kpdf, xpdf, epdfview, evince: PDF readers, alternative for Adobe Acrobat Reader

4.9. P2P

  1. Azureus: java bittorrent client (or bittorrent which is written in python)

  2. qtorrent, ktorrent: bittorrent clients

  3. Limewire + gtk-gnutella: Gnutella client

  4. MLDonkey + Sancho: client and interface for bittorrent, Gnutella, FastTrack, etc.

  5. aMule: alternative for eMule

  6. xmule: alternative for eMule

  7. nicotine: soulseek client

  8. Valknut, LinuxDC++ : альтернативные клиенты для DC (Direct Connect)

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